Previous Projects

This page will provide links to previous projects I have worked on (if such exists).


Role: Programmer

Made during my first year of studying game development, the project had a bumpy development and the group ended up without any artists. Still the end result became a fairly entertaining rhythmic space shooter where you teleport, shoot, and survive to get the highest score.


Role: Lead Technician

The second first year project required students making a game with “alternative controls”, meaning no Keyboards, computer mice, or standard console controller inputs may be used.

The resulting project became a Pong style tug of war between two players played along the walls and ceiling of a large tunnel structure using the VIVE controllers to move the paddles.

(Unfortunately the structure itself has since been destroyed).


Role: Systems Programmer


“A 3D adventure game in which players take control of the dog Kato.

After a large tragedy that leaves the village in a state of despair, Kato is tasked with helping the villagers by solving their problems in an attempt to bring some joy back to the town.

As you explore you will help people get together, repair the broken windmill, and save the homeless mayor of the town.

Explore, find secrets, pester the mailman and spread happiness!”